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download (3)Are you interested in presenting at any of our educational one-day workshops? Are you nervous about submitting a workshop proposal?   Can you recall the path that led you to become a teacher?  Do you demonstrate your expertise and encourage fellow educators to do the same?   If so, please head over to our “Call for Presenters” section and enter your proposal for our first one-day workshop in New York City.

The Educator’s Room is holding its first workshop series in New York City in February 2016. under the theme, “Empowering Educators to be the Experts in Education”.  This conference will be one full day packed full of sessions of  fellow educators  showing their expertise in any of the four strands that our conference will focus on this year.

Presentation proposals must be submitted under one of the three thematic strands that characterize next year’s conference. Each strand explores a different aspect of our  profession

The strands for 2016 are:

  1. Instruction and Curriculum –Every year there are more educational “buzz words” about what increases level of teacher effectiveness. However, the best way to help teachers is to let them learn from fellow “Master Teachers”. These sessions will focus on engaging, relating and empowering fellow educators in strong  instructional strategies for teaching and learning. 
  2. Educational Reform – With so much changing in education it’s important for educators to be in the discussion of educational reform. These sessions will focus on engaging educators in the political process despite being in the classroom.
  3. Technology in Education –With the invention of Facebook, Twitter, Edmodo, Google Plus, etc. many teachers are overwhelmed with how to use technology to engage their students and make their daily activities less tedious. These sessions will focus on empowering teachers and understanding the new technology. 
  4.  New Teacher Support- With the majority of new teachers leaving after three years in the field, new teacher support is crucial to retaining great teachers. These sessions will focus on realistic ways to support new teachers both in and outside of the classroom! 
  5. Teacher Branding- With the majority of teachers feeling unhappy in their current positions, creating a teaching “brand” is essential. During this session teachers will learn how to use their experience and education to position their expertise.

Session Formats

At this one day workshop we are all about making sure the sessions are interactive and “hands on”. As educators we understand how frustrating it can be to sit in a session and listen to someone talk to us. So we’ve differentiated our conference sessions! 

Please read the following descriptions carefully and apply for the format most appropriate to your topic. The approximate number per strand of each type of session is indicated.

Workshop (Full day or half day)

Workshops are in-depth sessions that actively develop specific professional competencies and have widespread potential for implementation.  All workshops will be scheduled for that one day workshop. While they can be several hours, they are usually 60 minutes (at most) in length.  All workshops are supported solely by participant fees and are subject to cancelation due to insufficient enrollment.

Symposium/Panel (90 minutes)

Symposiums are panel discussions presenting different perspectives on  topics in education or related to one (or more) strands.  Panels will include a minimum of three persons  and a moderator, together representing a minimum of three different organizations.

Hands-on Presentation (60 minutes)

Hands-on sessions provide participants with an opportunity to engage in teaching and learning activities and/or strategies about a particular content area.

Traditional Presentation (50-60 minutes)

Traditional presentations focus on a single topic or program, typically including a talk or media presentation followed by a short discussion.

Roundtable Discussion (30 minutes)

Roundtable discussions are informal presentations that emphasize spirited discussion between the presenter(s) and session attendees. Presenters start the discussion by sharing information about the program/question/instructional strategy they wish to explore, and then open discussion for input and exchange of ideas.

Take a moment and vote for the conference proposal that you would like to see!



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  1. […] 1. Apply to present at area/national conferences. At almost every education conference there are opportunities for teachers to submit proposals to present. Whether the audience is large or small, it is always a good idea to apply to present. Presenting to a diverse audience will give teachers the chance to perfect your presentation and open your realm of influence. For example, for The Educator’s Room Annual Conference in June 2014 our theme is “Empowering Educators to be the Experts” and we want teachers to be the majority of presenters. To help teachers brainstorm proposals, we selected four strands that presentations can be about and we’ve received proposals from people all over the world! As teachers think about presenting proposals do not be scared– you are the expert! To apply to present at the conference, click here. […]

  2. Presenting: balancing traditional best practice with innovative technologies.

    As a veteran public school teacher of high school social studies I have had to balance tried and true classroom routines with Web 2.0 tools and 1:1 iPad applications. It is possible to allow for innovation and excitement while holding high standards for traditional skills. I will share trials, tribulations and hopes from my own hybrid classroom.

  3. Jan Jackson says:

    I have submitted the proposal for Scapegoats The Documentary. Please email me upon receipt.

    Jan Jackson
    Co- Producer, Scapegoats

  4. Kathy Bliss says:

    Would like to present at you conference, but do see where to add submission. Please advise. Thanks.

  5. Jon Hemmelgarn says:

    I have the same request as Kathy Bliss – Are presentation openings still available? If so, where do we add a submission?

  6. Will proposals be sent an acceptance or denied letter?

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